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Course Details:

Course Name: ADCLT
Qualification  : 12th pass / Graduates-
Duration :
24/12 /6 months(Normal /Fast track/Super fast Track)

Fast track batch : 23.7.24
Single day Batch :19.07.24
Job / Placement Support: Yes

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Module - I - Hardware (A+)

Introduction To Personal Computer
Generation of Desktop Computer
Motherboard components
RAM types and their features
Kernel & Sheel Concept
Booting process, (Cold and Warm booting )
Install and configure PC expansion
Install and configure storage devices, (PATA, SATA, SSD)
Install various types of CPUs and cooling methods( Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Quad core etc.)
Assemble and Disassemble (Desktop , Laptop)
Partion & Formating (Basic and Dynamic Disk)
Installation of Operating system Windows 7/8/10
Dual Boot , Other Operating sytem Ubantu(Linux)
PC connection interfaces, their characteristics and purpose
Hybarnation, Sleep Mode ,Safe Mode , Normal Mode
Power supply
Custom PC configuration
Display devices
PC connector types and associated cables
Install and configure common peripheral devices
Various print technologies and imaging process
Install Printer and maintenance
Install and configure Wireless/wired router
Internet connection types, network types, and their features
Install and configure laptop hardware and components
Install Motherboard driver & Auto install (DRP SOL)
Overview of Windows & Features
Deploying Windows
Upgrading Windows
Managing Windows
Windows Administration
Windows Security
Preventive Maintenance in Windows
Auto update for windows (Enable Disable)
Remove password from windows
Auto repair loop in windows
Syatem image and Backup 
Group Policy service
Local User group policy & password Service
File Managmene Service
Windows Msconfig service
Troubleshooting PC Hardware
Troubleshooting Printers
Troubleshooting Windows
Hardware Troubleshooting Portions ( Example)
Computer is running slow how to fix this problem.
Windows freezes or Stop responding
Computer frequently restart problem
How to solve Windows Blue Screen error
How to remove bad sectors from a Hard disk.
How to recover files or data from a hard disk.
Bootmgr (Boot Manager) is missing or compressed press alt + ctrl + del to restart.
A disk read error occurred how to troubleshoot this problem.
Windows shows windows is not activated message hot to resolve.
How we can troubleshoot no display problem.
Computer shows dll file missing how to to troubleshot this type of problem.
General printer Troubleshooting
Mouse is not detected in Windows
Computer Shutdown Automatically
No power on Computer.
After turn-on the computer it gives Long Beep Codes
CMOS Checksum error show on POST Screen.
Driver Installation and troubleshooting.
Troubleshoot Dysfunctional USB Ports.
Processor FAN is not working or Moving.

Module - II- Network 
Protocols and Ports: 
Explain the purposes and uses of ports and protocols:
Explain devices, applications, protocols and services at their appropriate OSI layers.
Physical, Data link, Network, Transport, Session, presentation, Application.
OSI Layer
IP Addressing: IPV4 and IPV6 Concepts, CLASS A, CLASS B, CLASS C, CLASS D & 
Class E, Loopback Address, Class full and Class less IP, CIDR notation, Private IP and Public IP.
Media Types (Deploy the appropriate Cabling Solutions)
Coaxial, Optical Fiber, BNC, Cat-5, Cat5E, Cat6E, RJ-59. TIA/EIA 568A, 568B, Crossover, Straight Through.
Determine the appropriate placement of networking devices on a network and install/configure them.
Firewall, Router, Switch, HUB, Bridge, Modems, Wireless Access points,
Printer Sharing, Windows File Sharing, Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance, Offline file folder 
Access, map Network Drive Creation, Hidden Share folder, Switching Concepts, Internet Connection Sharing.
Network troubleshooting Portions (Example)
Check connectivity between two computers in Lan Network.
Client not able to connect the internet what will be the problem
Internet Connection Sharing problems on the network.
Default gateway troubleshooting
Windows Basic Firewall rules and how to configure it.
IP mac binding troubleshooting 
Ip address different classes and configuration troubleshooting
Same Broadcast domain Different Broadcast domain troubleshooting concept.
Class full ip address and class less ip troubleshooting.
Wifi configuration 
Connect a Wifi access point to the existing router on the network.
Troubleshooting through tracert or traceroute.
Lan tester troubleshooting.
Module - III - Electronics

Working Concept of Resistor

Types of Resistor

Symbol, Unit, Denoting Letter of Resistor

Resistor Color Coding Concept 

SMD Resistor Value 

How to test Resistor on motherboard 


What is Capacitor?

Types of Capacitor.

Symbol, unit & Denoting Letter of Capacitor

Series and Parallel concept of Capacitor

Inboard and outboard Capacitor Testing 


Working Concept of Diode 

How many types of Diode 

Denoting Letter and Symbol of Diode 

Bridge Rectifier Diode Concept 

Testing of all types of Diode on motherboard 


Concept of Transistor on motherboard 

Transistor Types 

What is Symbol and Denoting Letter?

SMD and Normal Transistor Identification 

Onboard Testing of SMD & Normal Transistor 


Identification of Difference types of Coil 

Working of Coil (Inductor) 

Types of Coil

Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept of Coil 

Ok Testing of all types of Coil 


Concept of SMD Mosfet 

Working concept of 3 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin Mosfet

Types of Mosfet

What is Denoting letter and symbol of Mosfet

Gate, Drain, Source pin Details

 IC / Chip 

Working Concept of IC/Chip 

Identification of Difference Types of IC 

IC ok Testing on board 

Diffrent IC Value on motherboard 


Difference Types of Transformer 

Working of Transformer 

Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Transformer

Testing Concept of Transformer 


Working Concept of Crystal

Rtc Crystal

Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept 

Testing of Crystal by Multimeter and CRO Machine


What is Fuse and fuse work? 

Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Fuse. 

Testing and Repair Concept of Fuse 


Types of Difference Thermistor 

Working of Thermistor on board 

Testing Concept of Thermistor

NTC , PTC Thermistor 


  How to remove all motherboard components like- capacitor, transistor, mosfet, crystal, coil, diode, fuse etc. ? 

How to fix all electronics components on motherboard easily? 

How to remove and fix all types of ic/chip from motherboard?

Module-IV- Motherboard
Introduction of Motherboard, Components of Motherboard, Block Diagram, Power Source Controller - Components of Circuit, ATX Power Voltage, Voltage Regulator Circuit, PS On Control Circuit Mosfet Detail- Structure of Mosfet, Identification of N-Channel and P-Channel Mosfet through Multimeter, Testing of Mosfet, Different between Transistor and Mosfet, Measuring and Testing of Mosfet, Inductor- Number and Type used on, Use of Power Mosfet. VRM Circuit & Logic Circuit Diagram,VRM Circuit Signal on South Chipset, Checking of VRM Circuit, Measuring of Vcore Voltage, Vcore Voltage testing on P4 Motherboard. General diagram of voltage stability circuit for chipset, Identification of Voltage stabilizer Circuit for motherboard chipset, Oscillation Driver IC by single power Mosfet, Amplifier IC by Mosfet Control algorithm,. Different Types of Stabilizer Circuit, General Question and Answer about stabilizer Circuits. Power Supply of RAM, Video Card AGP 4X, 8X source stabilizer circuits. Detail of Clock Generator Circuit, location, Testing Process, Trouble Shooting of Clock Generator Circuit. Super I/O Control Stage Working of BIOS, Testing and Fault Finding of BIOS, BIOS Beep Codes of Motherboard, Layout of DG31DH55TC, Block Diagram, Features, Detail of Panel and Header. Identification, Testing and Fault Finding of motherboard
Oscilloscope Use to check all types of frequency from 1 kHz to 35 MHz and showing it on screen with Analog direction, Frequency Counter Meter Use to count all types of frequency & show it with digital figure. Solder Bath Use to remove the ram slot, pci slot, CPU socket of the mother board, BGA Rework Station Use to rebelling of graphic ic(GMCH & ICH).SMD, RAM Checker Use to check voltage and important signal on the Ram slots. CPU Checker Use to check Reset, Clock, Address, data and power good on the CPU Socket.PCI Slot Checker. PCI Express Slot Checker. Debug Card, Bios with Bois Programmer. Magnifier Glass. Over heat Checker- Use to check any shorting, every component properly mounts on board and to find out any number of electronics components.

Module- V (Laptop motherboard, LCD, Adapter, & Battery)
Introduction of Laptop, Difference between Desktop and Laptop, History of Laptop, Layout of Laptop, Different uses of Laptop. View Detail of Buttons and Parts of Acer Travel Mat 2400/3210/3220, De-Assembling of Laptop. Block Diagram of Laptop, Adaptor Stage, Battery Stage, DCIN and Detector Stage, Main System Power supply Stage, CPU Core Supply Stage, CPU Stage, Clock Generator stage, System Controller Stage, DSP Stage, and LVDS Stage. LCD TFT Stage, CCFL, RAM, ICH, Micro Controller Stage, I/O controller Stage, VHS, Super I/O controller Stage, Audio Driver and Audio Amplifier Stage, Key Board Stage, Mouse Stage, IEEE 1394 Stage, Adaptor Stage, Testing and Fault Finding of Adaptor Battery Stage, IC Detail used in Battery Stage, Working of Circuit, Testing and Fault Finding. Detail of Different circuits of Laptop(DCIN and Detector Stage, Testing and Fault Finding of DCIN and Detector Stage, Battery Charging and Power Selection Stage(Testing and Fault Finding5 VALWP and 3 VALWP Main System Power Supply Stage and Testing, Embedded Controller Stage, Flash ROM Stage. Embedded Controller Memory Stage, 1.5 VALWP and 1.8 VA (RAM) System Power Supply Stage and testing, 2.5 VP System Power Supply Stage and Testing, 0.9 VP System Power Supply Stage and Testing.
CPU Fan Supply Controller Stage and Testing, +3VALW to +3VS Supply Power Control Stage, +5 VALW to +5 VS Supply Power Controller Stage, +3 VALWP to + 3 V Supply Power Controller Stage, +1.8 V to +1.8 VS Supply Power Controller Stage, +1.5 VALW to +1.5 VS Supply Power Controller Stage and testing of all. 1.05 VP System Power Supply Stage and Testing, Power Discharge Circuit Stage, CPU Core Power Supply Stage and Testing. Power On Circuit Stage and Testing, Power Button and Launch keys Button Stage and Testing, Clock Generator Stage and Testing, System Temperature Sensing Stage and Testing. CPU  Thermal Protection Stage and Testing, Hard Disk Drive connector Stage, Optical Disk Drive connector Stage and Testing. Internal Keyboard Connector Stage, Mouse Board Touch Pad Stage and Testing, Audio Section Power Supply Regulator Stage, Audio Codec Stage. Audio Amplifier Stage, Head Phone and MIC Jack Stage and Testing, Beep Sound Signal Controller Stage and Testing, USB Port Power Supply Controller Stage and Testing. LCD Panel Power and Connector Stage and Testing, Inverter Stage and Testing. External Display Port Stage and Testing Modem Daughter Card Connector Stage and Testing, Bluetooth Interface Stage and Testing, PC Card Bus Slot Stage and Testing, Network and Modem Jack Stage and Testing. LCD Panel, LCD Manufacturing Process, Motherboard Layout Top and Bottom View, power Diagram, Power on Sequence Diagram, Laptop Trouble Shooting.

  Volt in section 

  Step down section 

  Vrm section 

  Ram section 

  Chip section (Graphic Section, North Bridge, South Bridge Section) 

  Battery section (Charging & Discharging Section) 

  I/O (Input Output ) section 

  Bios section 

  Lan section 

  Sound section 

  Usb section 

  Vga section 

  Sata section 

  3.3v , 5v section 

  1.2v, 1.8v, 1.5v, 2.5 volt section 

  Odd section & Fan section 

  Lvds section ( LCD LED Panel and Screen section) 

  Keyboard section & Touch pad 

  Clock generator section 

  Wi-Fi section & Adaptor section



  No display problem solution 

  Dead motherboard problem solution 

  Automatic Restarting error repairing 

  Hanging problem of laptop and desktop 

  Charging & discharging faults of laptops 

  Dim screen faults solution 

  Automatic off problem 

  Date and time error 

  Blue screen 

  Heating faults of laptop and desktop 

  Fan not working faults of laptop & computer 

  Motherboard Shorting faults 

  Leakage problem 

  USB not working faults 

  Hard disk not working 

  Error from Webcam (camera) 

  Wi-Fi not working problem 

  Sound related faults solution 

  Network related problem 

  Laptop Touchpad not working 

  Keyboard not working faults of laptop & desktop 

  Bluetooth and card reader problem 

  White screen faults of laptops 

  Hinge repair of laptops 


 BGA MACHINE: How to work on BGA machine for Chip Re-balling ( Graphic chip, Pch   chip, North bridge chip, South bridge chip) 

BGA CHIP REBALLING : How to create Bga ball using stencil ?
BIOS PROGRAMMER: How to use BIOS programmer for reprogramming Laptop bios chip,   Desktop bios chip, Lcd, Led TV Bios chips. 
CRO MACHINE: How to use CRO Machine for checking all signal on motherboard like   reset signal, clock signal, bios signal and frequency? 
FCM : How to use FCM for checking frequency of motherboard.A   frequency meter is an instrument that displays the frequency of a periodic electrical signal.
DC POWER SUPPLY MACHINE: Use of DC Power Supply Machine for varrious voltage   checking of laptops and Desktop motherboard. 
DIAGNOSTIC CARD: Use of Diagnostic card for faults checking with error code of   laptops and Desktop motherboard. 
CPU SOCKET TESTER: How to use CPU socket tester? 
RAM TESTER: How to use ram slot tester? 
USB tester : How to use USB Tester ?
EEPROM : How to use EEpom ?
PICK UP TOOLS: For Laptop motherboard only ?
COM,PS2 POST CHECKER : How to check COM & PS2 port ?
SOLDER BATH : How to use solder bath ?

Module-VI (Printer,Scanner, Cartridge & Toner Refilling)

 What is printer and it’s use?

 How many types of Printers

 Use of digital Multimeter

 Basic electronic concept for printer logic card.

Repairing concept of Dot matrix Printer (DMP) 

  What is dot-matrix printer? 

  Dot Matrix Printer function. 

  Parts of dot matrix printer & how to identify ? 

  How to Assemble and dissemble of dot matrix printers 

  Working concept of all parts. 

  Faults of dot matrix part. 

  Solution of all faults of dot matrix printer 

  About dot matrix printer head working 

  About Printer Power Supply 

  How to do pin head refurbish 

  About dot matrix logic card & solution of card fault 

Repairing concept of Inkjet and Desk Jet Printer 

 Desk Jet and Inkjet Printer function?

 How to assemble and dissemble inkjet printers?

 Parts of inkjet printers.

 Inkjet Printer Parts Identification and printer troubleshooting?

 Faults of inkjet and desk jet printers

 Inkjet printers fault solutions.

 Logic card fault of inkjet and repairing solutions.

 Inkjet Printer power supply and solutions of faults.

Repairing concept of Inktank Printer 

 Inktank Printer function?

 How to assemble and dissemble inktank printers?

 Parts of inktank printers.

 Inktank Printer Parts Identification and printer troubleshooting?

 Faults of inktank printers

 Inktank printers fault solutions.

 Logic card fault of inktank and repairing solutions.

Repairing concept of All in One

 All in One Printer function?

 How to assemble and dissemble All in one printers?

 Parts of All in one printers.

 All in one Printer Parts Identification and printer troubleshooting?

 All in one printers fault solutions.

LaserJet Printer Repairing and Solution  

 Function of Laser Printers.

 Logic card block diagram concept of Laser printer.

 Laser printer logic card faults and solutions.

 LaserJet printers parts and Identification.

 Common fault of laser jet printers.

 Repairing solution of all types of faults 

 About laser Jet printers parts.

 Introduction of PCB Concept and Control Unit.

 About laser jet power unit and Lens assembly.

 Power section faults and how to repair it.


 How to do toner refilling and troubleshooting of faults related to toners. 

 Use of different types of tonner in printers. 

 Cartridge Refilling for desk jet and inkjet printers 

 Use of different types of cartridge for printers. 


 Faults of scanner, Copier.

 How to repair faults of scanner and copier?

Module-VIII (CCTV)
CCTV Video signals (H 264, Mpeg 2)
Cabling and connectors (CAT5, CAT6 & Coax)
Crimping BNC, CAT5 & keystone connectors
Video transmission (analogue to digital, megapixel cameras)
Assembling a CCTV system Troubleshooting 
Installing CCTV cameras with RG59 & CAT5
Installing CCTV power supplies
Using electrical tools
Introduction to recording resolution, frames per second & lens sizes
How to calculate field of view (Selecting the correct types of lens size, recording resolution and configuring frames per second)
Digital CCTV storage and lighting (DVR storage calculator, Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV)
Concept of PTZ camera 
Running cables for a CCTV system (CAT5 & coaxial)
Installing passive and active balun for long CCTV cable run
Running shotgun cable and use of cable pulling tips and techniques
Installing junction boxes
Remote access and mobile app viewing
Local area networking and wider are network
Assigning a local area IP address to a DVR and an IP camera
Techniques used in assigning a unique local IP address to a DVR
Private and public IP address
Port forwarding for CCTV systems
TCP and IP setting
Domain name servers
Making of Powers supply for CCTV
Module- IX (Hard Disk Data recovery )
LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY PROBLEMS (Disk detected in bios are main logical problems),PHYSICAL PROBLEMS (Disk not detected in bios are main physical problems),MECHANICAL FAILURE PROBLEMS
Understanding hard disk structure, Understanding data stored in hard disk & Microsoft files structure, Formatting Partition & booting process of hard disk, Data recovery Software used for purpose with features, Internal Parts of Hard Disk Demo Hard disk from inside , Donor Selection of Different Hard Disk ,Data recovery instrument detail and used detail with demo on opening hard disk , 3.5 Computer Hard Disk Head, Platter, Spindle Motor, PCB Replacement Practice , 2.5 Laptop Hard Disk Head, Platter, Spindle Motor, PCB Replacement Practice ,SMD Basic electronics for hard disk components and PCB repair ,HARD DISK PCB repair & fault finding concept 
Introduction to hard disk firmware updating and high end instruments idea 
Data recovery common problems and solution to take ,The Importance of a Clean Room Chamber, Why use a Clean Room Chamber, What is a Clean Room Chamber, Standards,Contamination,HEPA,HEPA History,Airflow,Laminar Flow,Clothing,Cosmetics,ESD, Illness, Brief Explanation of Hard Drive Operations, The difference between physical and logical recovery,Physical problems,Logical problems,Early Diagnostics and warning signs,Defects and Diagnostics, Hard Drive Error codes,Physical Hard Drive Components,Common mechanical failures,Delivery format Text, A quick look at Firmware ,What is firmware,G-LIST ,P-LIST,Jumpers ,Components ,Component Selection ,Voltage and continuity testing, Practical setup multi meter & PCB testing.


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