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Course Details:

Course Name : PPCLS (Professional Printer chiplevel Specialist)
Duration: 5 Months

Sunday Batch  : 9.6.2024 (Tollygunge Brn)

All fill up, Re open for admssion June 2024

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Modu;le  -III - Electronics 


Working Concept of Resistor

Types of Resistor

Symbol, Unit, Denoting Letter of Resistor

Resistor Color Coding Concept 

SMD Resistor Value 

How to test Resistor on motherboard 


What is Capacitor?

Types of Capacitor.

Symbol, unit & Denoting Letter of Capacitor

Series and Parallel concept of Capacitor

Inboard and outboard Capacitor Testing 


Working Concept of Diode 

How many types of Diode 

Denoting Letter and Symbol of Diode 

Bridge Rectifier Diode Concept 

Testing of all types of Diode on motherboard 


Concept of Transistor on motherboard 

Transistor Types 

What is Symbol and Denoting Letter?

SMD and Normal Transistor Identification 

Onboard Testing of SMD & Normal Transistor 


Identification of Difference types of Coil 

Working of Coil (Inductor) 

Types of Coil

Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept of Coil 

Ok Testing of all types of Coil 


Concept of SMD Mosfet 

Working concept of 3 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin Mosfet

Types of Mosfet

What is Denoting letter and symbol of Mosfet

Gate, Drain, Source pin Details

 IC / Chip 

Working Concept of IC/Chip 

Identification of Difference Types of IC 

IC ok Testing on board 

Diffrent IC Value on motherboard 


Difference Types of Transformer 

Working of Transformer 

Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Transformer

Testing Concept of Transformer 


Working Concept of Crystal

Rtc Crystal

Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept 

Testing of Crystal by Multimeter and CRO Machine


What is Fuse and fuse work? 

Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Fuse. 

Testing and Repair Concept of Fuse 


Types of Difference Thermistor 

Working of Thermistor on board 

Testing Concept of Thermistor

NTC , PTC Thermistor 


How to remove all motherboard components like- capacitor, transistor, mosfet, crystal, coil, diode, fuse etc. ? 

How to fix all electronics components on motherboard easily? 

How to remove and fix all types of ic/chip from motherboard?

Module : VI - All printer , Refilling and Scanner

Printer Theory 

 What is printer and it’s use?

 How many types of Printers

 Use of digital Multimeter

 Basic electronic concept for printer logic card.

Repairing concept of Dot matrix Printer (DMP) 

   What is dot-matrix printer? 

  Dot Matrix Printer function. 

  Parts of dot matrix printer & how to identify ? 

  How to Assemble and dissemble of dot matrix printers 

  Working concept of all parts. 

  Faults of dot matrix part. 

  Solution of all faults of dot matrix printer 

  About dot matrix printer head working 

  About Printer Power Supply 

  How to do pin head refurbish 

  About dot matrix logic card & solution of card fault 

Repairing concept of Inkjet and Desk Jet Printer 

 Desk Jet and Inkjet Printer function?

 How to assemble and dissemble inkjet printers?

 Parts of inkjet printers.

 Inkjet Printer Parts Identification and printer troubleshooting?

 Faults of inkjet and desk jet printers

 Inkjet printers fault solutions.

 If any required for Logic card & power supply (based on market scenario)

 Repairing concept of Inktank Printer 

 Inktank Printer function?

 How to assemble and dissemble inktank printers?

 Parts of inktank printers.

 Inktank Printer Parts Identification and printer troubleshooting?

 Faults of inktank printers

 Inktank printers fault solutions.

If any required for Logic card & power supply (based on market scenario)

Repairing concept of All in One

 All in One Printer function?

 How to assemble and dissemble All in one printers?

 Parts of All in one printers.

 All in one Printer Parts Identification and printer troubleshooting?

 All in one printers fault solutions.

LaserJet Printer Repairing and Solution  

 Function of Laser Printers.

 Logic card block diagram concept of Laser printer.

 Laser printer power supply faults and solutions.

 LaserJet printers parts and Identification.

 Common fault of laser jet printers.

 Repairing solution of all types of faults 

 About laser Jet printers parts.

 Introduction of PCB Concept and Control Unit.

 About laser jet power unit and Lens assembly.

 Power section faults and how to repair it.

Introduce  Thermal Printer

Working procedure

Fault finding

Printing fault


 How to do toner refilling and troubleshooting of faults related to toners. 

 Use of different types of tonner in printers. 

 Cartridge Refilling for desk jet and inkjet printers 

 Use of different types of cartridge for printers. 


 Faults of scanner, Copier.

 How to repair faults of scanner and copier?

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