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Frequently Asked Questions    

Institute of Globaal Technology, well known as IOGT has managed to bring Quality Education in the field of Hardware, Networking and IT. The unique thing about IOGT is that, it provides 100% practical based Training Courses. The students are guided by the people who are involved in the real world of Servicing of Computer Hardware.

Do IOGT organise Industrial Seminars?
Yes! IOGT is going to organise a seminar. Please follow Current Bulletin for details.

Can i get practical training on Motheboard ?
Yes, 100% Practical (kolkata's First 100% Practical base training Institute). We have the All types of machinery which are necessary for chip level repairing like BGA, Oscilloscope, Bios Copier and many many more.

I want to reapir Laptop motherboard from IOGT, is it possible?
Yes,you can do repair motherboard at iogt. We are always insist to every student bring the motherboard which r dead, we supply the parts which are needs, do it own with the help of our engineer. No service charge need.

What is the binary network ID of the loopback IP address?
A. 1 B. 10101010 C. 0 D. 1111111 Answer: D

How to repair broken touchpad connector on laptop motherboard ?
Let’s say you were fixing a laptop yourself and accidentally damaged the touchpad connector or any other similar connector. The problem is the touchpad connector soldered to the motherboard and it’s impossible to replace it with regular soldering tools. Also, these connectors are not sold separately which makes the replacement even more impossible. Well, the connector is broken and cannot be replaced. Let’s try to repair it. We’ll do it using the same technique as for fixing the broken keyboard connector. In order to unlock the connector you lift up the left side of the locking tab. The locking tap opens up at a 90 degree angle and releases the touchpad cable. After that you pull the cable from the connector.

What is the Difference Between Card Level & Chip Level ?
Card Level basically define only hardware part, if any dispute with your hardware part like(Motherboard is not working), you just change the motherboard . But in case of Chip Level, Don't need to change the Motherboard , find out the fault & repair. This is cost savings & customer are always prefer. Chip Level Engineer highly demand in all over india.

When booting to windows, you find a black screen, or windows indicates that the display adapter is not configured properly. You may also find a yellow exclamation mark on the video manager?
In virtually all cases, this occurs because the video card does not have an adequate IRQ assigned to it. Boot into your system to the CMOS setup and look for an option such as ‘Assign IRQ for PCI VGA’ see that it’s set to “enable” or “auto” if the video card is not assigned to a suitable IRQ and the system BIOS does not have an option to assign an IRQ, you’ll need to contact your motherboard manufacturers and check for a BIOS update.

The drive adapter’s BIOS doesn’t load, What to do?
First, make sure that the BIOS is enable (usually through a jumper on the drive adapter), and see that the BIOS chip is seated correctly and completely in its socket on the drive adapter. If problems persist, try changing the BIOS address – it’s probably conflicting with another BIOS in the system. Also check the IRQ and 1/0 port assignments for the drive adapter for possible conflicts. If all else fails, try another drive controller.

The system hangs after counting through system memory?
You may also receive error messages such as “Get configuration fails” or “ HDD controller Failure”. First make sure that you have at least one hard drive attached to the controller, and see that the signal cable is oriented properly at both ends. It is also possible that you may have a problem when more than one drive is connected. Make sure that the drive is connected. Make sure that the drives are jumpered in the desired master and slave relationship. In all cases, verify that the CMOS setup entries accurately reflect the drives that are connected. If your drive adapter uses on board RAM, the on board RAM may be bad. Try replace the controller’s on board RAM.

Some protocols are considered to be technically non-routable.Which of the following statements best describes the most common reason why a protocol would be considered non-routable?
A. It does not contain the appropriate Data Link layer information required by routers. B. It uses advanced Transport layer services to move across the Internet and avoids the routing overhead required by the more primitive networking protocols. C. It defines Physical layer network addresses for internal routing. D. It does not specify the Network layer addresses required by routers. Answer: D


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