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Course Details:

Course name : CHNS
Qualification  : 12th pass / Graduates
6/3 Months (Fast/Normal)
Fast track batch : 12.12.22
Single day batch :12.12.22
Sunday Batch : Coming

Job / Placement Support: Yes

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Module - I - Hardware

Introduction To Personal Computer

Generation of Desktop Computer

Motherboard components

RAM types and their features

Kernel & Sheel Concept

Booting process, (Cold and Warm booting )

Install and configure PC expansion

Install and configure storage devices, (PATA, SATA, SSD)

Install various types of CPUs and cooling methods( Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Quad core etc.)

Assemble and Disassemble (Desktop , Laptop)

Partition & Formating (Basic and Dynamic Disk)

Installation of Operating system Windows 7/10/11

Dual Boot , Other Operating sytem Ubantu(Linux)

PC connection interfaces, their characteristics and purpose

Hybarnation, Sleep Mode ,Safe Mode , Normal Mode

Power supply

Custom PC configuration

Display devices

PC connector types and associated cables

Install and configure common peripheral devices

Various print technologies and imaging process


Install Printer and maintenance

Install and configure Wireless/wired router

Internet connection types, network types, and their features

Install and configure laptop hardware and components

Install Motherboard driver & Auto install (DRP SOL)

Overview of windows & Features

Deploying Windows

Upgrading Windows

Managing Windows

Windows Administration

Windows Security

Preventive Maintenance in Windows

Auto update for windows (Enable Disable)

Remove password from windows

Auto repair loop in windows

Syatem image and Backup 

Disk Clone



Group Policy service

Local User group policy & password Service

File Managmene Service

Windows Msconfig service

Troubleshooting PC Hardware

Troubleshooting Printers

Troubleshooting Windows

Hardware Troubleshooting Portions ( Example)

Computer is running slow how to fix this problem.

Windows freezes or Stop responding

Computer frequently restart problem

How to solve Windows Blue Screen error

How to remove bad sectors from a Hard disk.

How to recover files or data from a hard disk.

Bootmgr (Boot Manager) is missing or compressed press alt + ctrl + del to restart.

A disk read error occurred how to troubleshoot this problem.

Windows shows windows is not activated message hot to resolve.

How we can troubleshoot no display problem.

Computer shows dll file missing how to to troubleshot this type of problem.

General printer Troubleshooting

Mouse is not detected in Windows

Computer Shutdown Automatically

No power on Computer.

After turn-on the computer it gives Long Beep Codes

CMOS Checksum error show on POST Screen.

Driver Installation and troubleshooting.

Troubleshoot Dysfunctional USB Ports.

Processor FAN is not working or Moving.


Module - II- (Networking)

Protocols and Ports: 


Explain the purposes and uses of ports and protocols:


Explain devices, applications, protocols and services at their appropriate OSI layers.

Physical, Data link, Network, Transport, Session, presentation, Application.

OSI Layer

IP Addressing: IPV4 and IPV6 Concepts, CLASS A, CLASS B, CLASS C, CLASS D & Class E,Private IP and Public IP.

Media Types (Deploy the appropriate Cabling Solutions)

Coaxial, Optical Fiber, BNC, Cat-5, Cat6, RJ-59.  Crossover, Straight Through.

Determine the appropriate placement of networking devices on a network and install/configure them.

Firewall, Router, Switch, HUB, Bridge, Modems, Wireless Access points,

Printer Sharing, Windows File Sharing, Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance, Offline file folder Access, Map Network Drive Creation, Hidden Share folder, Switching Concepts, Internet Connection Sharing.

Network troubleshooting Portions (Example)

Check connectivity between two computers in Lan Network.

Client not able to connect the internet what will be the problem

Internet Connection Sharing problems on the network.

Default gateway troubleshooting

Windows Basic Firewall rules and how to configure it.

Ip address different classes and configuration troubleshooting

Class full ip address and class less ip troubleshooting.

Wifi configuration 

Connect a Wifi access point to the existing router on the network.

Lan tester troubleshooting.


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