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Eligibility:12th or Graduate
Last date of admission for June session: 19.07.19
New session Start date: 22.07.19
Job Assistance:Yes

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Module - I - Hardware

History of Computer, Details of CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Hard disk, SMPS Etc.
Physical parts identification of Desktop & Laptop. Assembling of Branded & Normal (Desktop & Laptop), Loading of operating System like (Windows 2008, Win10 & Ubuntu) Dual & Triple booting. Concept of BIOS & CMOS. Learn Win 10 in details. Installation of INF, VGA, AUDIO, LAN & other software. Installation of physical devices (like: Web Cam, LAN, Scanner, Printer, TV Tuner Card etc.).Installation of Office, Multimedia & Team viewer software. Create a system repair disc & System Image. Windows Easy Transfer, Windows program Compatibility, Different types of Broadband Connection, Using of Software (Like: Disk Wizard of Different Company, HDD: Clone, Image, Wipe, iso etc.), Removal & Blockage of Bad Sector. Win Action Centre. Windows Backup & Restore file
Installation of Antivirus Software & Troubleshooting (like: Net protector, Quick heal, Kaspersky etc.).
Re installing Windows through Recovery CD (Laptop & Desktop) & Data Recovery Software.
Printing process from Different application, DVD write (Data, Movie, MP3 etc.)
Thorough knowledge of Internet & Outlook Express. Red hat Linux Installation, Types Partition table like GPT & MBR, Dynamic Disk configuration, Backup & Restore through Norton Ghost, Disk Duplication, Windows password breaking process, Driver installation online & Offline, Windows File systems, Bios/CMOS password breaking, Bootable pen drive Creation, CMD basic commands for troubleshooting, Fault Finding and troubleshooting, Ms Office 2016 installation, User Creation group policy management. Concept of UEFI & Legacy bios, SSD overview, Difference between SATA PATA & SSD. Windows different service packs,

Module II - Network

Overview of Networking component, Installation of Windows 2012 Server .Different types of Topology, Network Architecture, Concept of HUB , Switch, Router, MAU ,Straight Cable, Cross cable, Protocol (TCP/IP, NetBEUI, NETBIOS,OSI Layer, Concept of Different class, Concept of IP V4, Peer to Peer network Drive Sharing, Internet & Printer Sharing. Concept of WAN, How to Configure with Computer, Mobile & Printer. Manage wireless Network, Setting Adapter, Configure adapter. User Create, Security rights & policies. Monitoring tools, Concept of DHCP & DNS, Different types of service backup and restore. Different types of Troubleshooting. Map network Drive.

Module - III - Electronics

Analog :
Usage of MultiMeter, Color Code, Voltage, Ohms Law, Voltage Rise & Drop, Semiconductor, PN Junction, Transistor, Led,Mosfet,  Sensor, Diode, Resistance & Capacitor ,Soldering & DE soldering. Crystal, relay and ic details.

Digital: Logic Families, Logic gates, NAND, nor, & EX-OR Gates, Multiplexer, Register, Multiplexer, Parity checker etc. Numbering system, Binary to decimal, Decimal to octal, Octal to hexadecimal etc.

Module - IV -  Desktop Motherboard

Introduction of Motherboard, Components of Motherboard, Block Diagram, Power Source Controller - Components of Circuit, ATX Power Voltage, Voltage Regulator Circuit, PS On Control Circuit Mosfet Detail- Structure of Mosfet, Identification of N-Channel and P-Channel Mosfet through Multimeter, Testing of Mosfet, Different between Transistor and Mosfet, Measuring and Testing of Mosfet, Inductor- Number and Type used on, Use of Power Mosfet. VRM Circuit & Logic Circuit Diagram,VRM Circuit Signal on South Chipset, Checking of VRM Circuit, Measuring of Vcore Voltage, Vcore Voltage testing on P4 Motherboard. General diagram of voltage stability circuit for chipset, Identification of Voltage stabilizer Circuit for motherboard chipset, Oscillation Driver IC (PWM controller ic) by single power Mosfet, Amplifier IC by Mosfet Control algorithm,. Different Types of Stabilizer Circuit, General Question and Answer about stabilizer Circuits. Power Supply of RAM. Detail of Clock Generator Circuit, location, Testing Process, Trouble Shooting of Clock Generator Circuit. Super I/O Control Stage Working of BIOS, Testing and Fault Finding of BIOS, BIOS Beep Codes of Motherboard, Layout of DG31DH55TC, Block Diagram, Features, Detail of Panel and Header. Identification, Testing and Fault Finding of motherboard, Oscilloscope for MHz, Frequency Counter Meter Use to count all types of frequency & show it with digital figure. Solder Bath Use to remove the RAM slot, PCI slot, CPU socket of the mother board, BGA Rework Station Use to rebelling .GMCH & ICH or CPU socket .SMD, RAM Checker Use to check voltage and important signal on the Ram slots. CPU Checker Use to check Reset, Clock, Address, data and power good on the CPU Socket.PCI Slot Checker. PCI Express Slot Checker. Debug Card, Bios with Bois Programmer. Magnifier Glass. Over heat Checker- Use to check any shorting, every component properly mounts on board and to find out any number of electronics components. Layout of H61 motherboard with block diagram, circuit diagram and schematic diagram. Uses of smd for removing smd components of motherboard.

Module - V - Laptop motherboard, LCD, Adapter & Battery

Introduction of Laptop, Difference between Desktop and Laptop, History of Laptop, Layout of Laptop, Different uses of Laptop. De-Assembling of Laptop. Block Diagram of Laptop, Battery Stage, DCIN and Detector Stage, Main System Power supply Stage, CPU Core Supply Stage, CPU Stage, Graphics supply, Clock Generator stage, System Controller Stage and LVDS Stage. LCD TFT Stage, CCFL, RAM,GMCH,ICH,PCH, Micro Controller Stage, I/O controller Stage, RTC, Super I/O controller Stage, Audio Driver and Audio Amplifier Stage, Key Board Stage, Touch pad Stage, Adaptor Stage, Testing and Fault Finding of Adaptor Battery Stage, IC Detail used in Battery Stage, Working of Circuit, Testing and Fault Finding. Detail of Different circuits of Laptop(DCIN and Detector Stage, Testing and Fault Finding of DCIN and Detector Stage, Battery Charging and Power Selection Stage(Testing and Fault Finding5 VALWP and 3 VALWP Main System Power Supply Stage and Testing, Embedded Controller Stage, Flash ROM Stage. Power Supply Stage ,CPU Fan Supply Controller Stage and Testing, +3VALW to +3VS Supply Power Control Stage, +5 VALW to +5 VS Supply Power Controller Stage, +3 VALWP to + 3 V Supply Power Controller Stage, +1.8 V to +1.8 VS Supply Power Controller Stage, +1.5 VALW to +1.5 VS Supply Power Controller Stage and testing of all. 1.05 VP System Power Supply Stage and Testing, Power Discharge Circuit Stage, CPU Core Power Supply Stage and Testing. Power On Circuit Stage and Testing, Power Button and Launch keys Button Stage and Testing, Clock Generator Stage and Testing, System Temperature Sensing Stage and Testing.CPU VTT, Laptop different type of ram and CPU identification, Hard Disk Drive connector Stage, Optical Disk Drive connector Stage and Testing. Internal Keyboard Connector Stage, Mouse Board Touch Pad Stage and Testing, Audio Section Power Supply Regulator Stage, Audio Codec Stage. Audio Amplifier Stage, Head Phone and MIC Jack Stage and Testing, USB Port Power Supply Controller Stage and Testing. LCD Panel Power and Connector Stage and Testing, Inverter Stage and Testing. External Display Port Stage and Testing Modem Daughter Card Connector Stage and Testing, Bluetooth Interface Stage and Testing, Network and Modem Jack Stage and Testing. LCD Panel, LCD Manufacturing Process, Motherboard Layout Top and Bottom View, power Diagram, Power on Sequence Diagram, Laptop Trouble Shooting.

Module - VI - Printer( DMP, All in one, Laser, Deskjet/Inject), Cartridge & Toner Refilling ,Scanner

Introduction of Printer, Classification of Printer, Different type stage of DMP Printer. Block Diagram, working, testing & fault finding of Power Supply Main Logic Board stage with all type IC & Connector, Block Diagram of main Logic Board of DMP Printer. Serial Interface stage, USB Interface stage, Parallel Interface stage working testing & fault finding. CPU & IO Control stage working testing & fault finding. Supply Control stage, 3.3V Regulator stage, Power on Reset stage working, testing & fault finding. EEPROM stage, Flash ROM stage, Ram stage working testing & fault finding. Sensor control stage, Control penal board stage testing & fault finding. Paper feed motor driver stage, Carriage motor driver stage, testing & fault finding Color Shift controller stage, Print head driver stage, testing & fault finding. Function Block Diagram of LASER Printer and Its Process, Detail of OPC Drum, Image Transfer Roller(ITR),Primary Charging Roller(PCR). Optical Unit Scanning Unit, Fusing Assembly, Image Formation System (Cleaning to Fusing Process). Electronical Section of Laser Printer (Formatter PCA and DC Controller) Description of all section in Formatter and DC Controller PCA. Mechanical Section of Laser Printer (Paper Feeding, Motor, Solenoid) Fault Finding and Circuit Diagram of Laser Printer. Practical demo of DMP Printer by the instructor. Inkjet printer Mechanical & logical section refilling of inkjet & laser printer. How to change ribbon of DMP printer.

Module - VII - TFT/LCD/LED

Introduction of LCD, Working of LCD/TFT, Manufacturing of LCD/TFT. Different Between CRT and LCD/TFT Monitor, VGA and DVI Cable. Front Panel Controls of LCD/TFT, Stage Identification of LCD/TFT Monitor Working and Testing of Power supply stage Working and Testing of Power supply stage, Working and testing of inverter stage. Working and testing of inverter stage. Block Diagram of main board of LCD/TFT Monitor. Functional Block diagram of TFT panel. DC Volts regulator stage, TFT-LCD Module Supply Controller. Circuit description of Power supply connector stage & VGA connector stage. Working & testing of memory stage, detail of function keyboard. Circuit detail of Monitor Controller & Video Scalar stage. Working & testing of Monitor Controller & Video Scalar stage. Practical Demo by the Instructor: - Identification of different stages, some faults in Monitor and their solution. Practical Demo by the Instructor: - Identification of different stages, some faults in Monitor and their solution. Practical Demo by the Instructor: - Identification of different stages, some faults in Monitor and their solution.

Module : VIII - CCTV

Introduction to CCTV installation,CCTV Video signals (H 264, Mpeg 2),Cabling and connectors (CAT5, CAT6 & Coax),Crimping BNC, CAT5 & keystone connectors, Video transmission (analogue to digital, megapixel cameras),Assembling a CCTV system Troubleshooting using CCTV tester, Installing CCTV cameras with RG59 & CAT5,Installing CCTV power supplies, Using electrical tools, Introduction to recording resolution, frames per second & lens sizes, How to calculate field of view (Selecting the correct types of lens size, recording resolution and configuring frames per second),Digital CCTV storage and lighting (DVR and NVR storage calculator, Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV)Concept of PTZ cameras, Running cables for a CCTV system (CAT5 & coaxial),Installing passive and active balun for long CCTV cable run, Running shotgun cable and use of cable pulling tips and techniques, Installing junction boxes, Remote access and mobile app viewing, Local area networking and wider are network, Assigning a local area IP address to a DVR + NVR and an IP camera, Techniques used in assigning a unique local IP address to a DVR and NVR, Private and public IP address, Port forwarding for CCTV systems, TCP and IP setting, Domain name servers, Mobile phone view for CCTV systems.

Module IX (Data Recovery & HDD Repair)

LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY PROBLEMS (Disk detected in bios are main logical problems),PHYSICAL PROBLEMS (Disk not detected in bios are main physical problems)MECHANICAL FAILURE PROBLEMS
Understanding hard disk structure, Data stored in hard disk structure, Formatting Partition & booting process of hard disk, What is BAD SECTOR?, BAD SECTOR repair, Track,Sector,Cluster details, Memory card recovery, Data recovery Software used for purpose with features ,Internal Parts of Hard Disk, Demo Hard disk from inside ,Donor Selection of Different Hard Disk ,Data recovery instrument detail and used detail with demo on opening hard disk ,3.5 Computer Hard Disk Head, Platter, Spindle Motor, PCB Replacement Practice,2.5 Laptop Hard Disk Head,Platter,Spindle Motor, PCB Replacement Practice ,SMD Basic electronics for hard disk components and PCB repair ,HARD DISK PCB repair & fault finding concept.

Introduction to hard disk firmware updating and high end instruments idea

Data recovery common problems and solution to take ,The Importance of a Clean Room Chamber, Why use a Clean Room Chamber, What is a Clean Room chamber, Standards,Contamination,HEPA,HEPA History,  Airflow, Laminar Flow,Clothing,Illness, Brief Explanation of Hard Drive Operations, The difference between physical and logical recovery, Physical problems, Logical problems, Early Diagnostics and warning signs, Defects and Diagnostics, Hard Drive Error codes, Physical Hard Drive Components, Common mechanical failures, Delivery format Text, A quick look at Firmware ,What is firmware-LIST ,P-LIST,G-LIST, Jumpers ,Components ,Component Selection ,Voltage and continuity testing, Practical setup multi meter & PCB testing

After completion of each module internal industrial training are compulsory

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