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Course Details:

Course Name : Advance Diplma in Mobile Repairing Technology (ADMRT)
Qualification  : 12th pass / Graduates
Duration :
 10 / 5 / 3 (Normal / Fast / Super Fast)

Fast track batch : 12.12.22
Single day batch :12.12.22
Sunday Batch : Coming

Job / Placement Support: Yes

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Module -III - Electronics


Working Concept of Resistor

Types of Resistor

Symbol, Unit, Denoting Letter of Resistor

Resistor Color Coding Concept 

SMD Resistor Value 

How to test Resistor on motherboard 


What is Capacitor?

Types of Capacitor.

Symbol, unit & Denoting Letter of Capacitor

Series and Parallel concept of Capacitor

Inboard and outboard Capacitor Testing 


Working Concept of Diode 

How many types of Diode 

Denoting Letter and Symbol of Diode 

Bridge Rectifier Diode Concept 

Testing of all types of Diode on motherboard 


Concept of Transistor on motherboard 

Transistor Types 

What is Symbol and Denoting Letter?

SMD and Normal Transistor Identification 

Onboard Testing of SMD & Normal Transistor 


Identification of Difference types of Coil 

Working of Coil (Inductor) 

Types of Coil

Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept of Coil 

Ok Testing of all types of Coil 


Concept of SMD Mosfet 

Working concept of 3 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin Mosfet

Types of Mosfet

What is Denoting letter and symbol of Mosfet

Gate, Drain, Source pin Details

 IC / Chip 

Working Concept of IC/Chip 

Identification of Difference Types of IC 

IC ok Testing on board 

Diffrent IC Value on motherboard 


Difference Types of Transformer 

Working of Transformer 

Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Transformer

Testing Concept of Transformer 


Working Concept of Crystal

Rtc Crystal

Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept 

Testing of Crystal by Multimeter and CRO Machine


What is Fuse and fuse work? 

Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Fuse. 

Testing and Repair Concept of Fuse 


Types of Difference Thermistor 

Working of Thermistor on board 

Testing Concept of Thermistor

NTC , PTC Thermistor 


  How to remove all motherboard components like- capacitor, transistor, mosfet, crystal, coil, diode, fuse etc. ? 

How to fix all electronics components on motherboard easily? 

How to remove and fix all types of ic/chip from motherboard?

Module - IX - Mobile ( Normal. Android)

History Of Telephone

First Mobile Phone

Generation of Mobile Phone

Subscriber, Service Provider

Frequency & Channel



User Lock,SIM Lock & Country Lock (SP)

Chip Level

Use Of Iron &  Type Of Iron

Display Jumper

Components Jumper

Use Of SMD Machine

Components Soldering & Desoldering

How To Remove Pin IC

IC Reballing

How To remove Ball IC & Mount Ball IC

How To Make Track In PCB

How To Use DC Power Supply

Type Of DC Power Supply

Assembling & Dissembling Of Normal & Smart Mobile Phone


On/Off Switch

PFO,PA ,FEM, RF crystal OScillator, RF ic, WTR ic

Antenna Switch

BPF (Band Pass Filter)

Circuit Diagram Reading

Track Identification

IC Different Name

Section Of Mobile Phone ( Block Diagram)

Type Of Charging Jack

Circuit Tracing (Fault find Out)

Charging Section Problem ( OVPUSE --> Work of LDO --> Charging IC )

USB Section

SIM Section

Display Section

Back Light Section

Data Section

Touch Screen Section & Type Of Touch

Flash Light Section

Audio Section

   Ringer Problem

   Speaker Problem

   Headphone Problem

   Universal Mic,Digital Mic & Crystal Mic

   Vibrator Problem

Camera Section

Memory Section

Network Section , RF wire

Wi-fi Section

GPS Section

Dead Problem

Half Shorting & full Shorting

Primary Shorting & Secondary Shorting

How To Use Pre Heater

How To Use  Ocsilloscope

Software Repair

Detailed study of various faults arising due to corrupt software.

Introduction of various flasher boxes and software.

Flashing of various brands of handsets.

Removing virus from infected phones.

Unlocking of handsets through codes and/or software.

Use of various secret codes.


 Use of odin

 Use of multiloader

 Use of flash loader tool QFIL /Qualcom Flash

 Use of sp tool

  Use of QPSt tools

 Use of ygdp

 Use of qgdp tools

 Use of qc tool

 Use of android multi tool

 Use of itunes

 Use of iroot /king root

 Use of sidesync

 Use of mi flash

 Uses of Xiami loaders

 Uses TPS Xiami Tool

 Use of UMT dingle

 Use of Miracle box

 Use of UFI box

Display Repair

How to remove combo from frame.

How to Remove broken glass by separator.

How to Remove different type of glue from LCD.

(Samsung,mi,oppo,Vivo etc).

How to repair poloriser film.

How to change poloriser film.

Types of poloriser.

How to use automatic separator.

How to change/repair back light.

How to use Mold & Mold set.

Explain about glue remover machine.

Explain about all type of chemicals.

How to use Blade Iron.

How to use advance tools.

How to use different in cutting wire.

OCA  using without machine

eMMC / eMCP  Re programming


1. How to remove glued and non4-glued EMMC BST Process

2. How to remove EMMC / EMCP BGA chip

3. Cleaning Pads of glued and non-glued BGA chip

4. Jumper pinout of ISP EMMC EMCP chip

5. Micro jumper from EMMC /EMCP chip

6. How to reball EMMC / EMCP IC

7. Easy way to make blank ball in EMMC /EMCP

8. How to remove and fix EMMC /EMCP  without damage of other IC’s and components

9.How to fix EMMC / EMCP in low temperature

10 . Program and Reballing EMMC / UFS chip


1.  How to solve EMMC /EMCP Error

2.  Data recovery from dead smartphone EMMC /EMCP

3.  How to read EMMC / EMCP user data

4.  Recover whatsapp detail

5.  Recover contacts

6.  Recover images

7.  Recover videos

8.  Recover call details etc from EMMC / EMCP

9.  Type of EMMC chip detail BGA 169,153,162,186,221

10. Chip pinout with socket detail

11. All EMMC / EMCP working chart which pin are used and non used

12. How to read dump and flash file

13. How to read boot repair

14. How to flash android phones

15. How to unlock android phones

16. How to use UFI

17. How to backup partition file

18. Mobile - reprogramming

19. How to repair IMEI

20. Mobile reprogramming

Additional Teaching technique


Clearing of all previous doubts

Guidance to start and manage your own mobile repair center.

Guidance to successfully work as a technician.

Guidance of Digital Marketing and website for your business

Dealing with customers

Apart form the above details became a good technician you need to know various types of tips and trick , we teach you, this 

will help you a perfect mobile engineer or Professional mobile technician.

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Silicon pad

Automatic SMD

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