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Eligibility:12th or Graduate
Last date of Admission : Admission going on
New Session will be Starting : Dec 2019
Job Assistance:Yes

Hostel facilities are available for outside students
Payment mode : Installment facility are available only for normal track, for Fast and Super fast track single time payment at the  time of admission.

Level 1


    Working Concept of Resistor
    Types of Resistor
    Symbol, Unit, Denoting Letter of Resistor
    Resistor Color Coding Concept 
    SMD Resistor Value 
    How to test Resistor on motherboard 
    What is Capacitor?
    Types of Capacitor.
    Symbol, unit & Denoting Letter of Capacitor
    Series and Parallel concept of Capacitor
    Inboard and outboard Capacitor Testing 
    Working Concept of Diode 
    How many types of Diode 
    Denoting Letter and Symbol of Diode 
    Bridge Rectifier Diode Concept 
    Testing of all types of Diode on motherboard 
    Concept of Transistor on motherboard 
    Transistor Types 
    What is Symbol and Denoting Letter?
    SMD and Normal Transistor Identification 
    Onboard Testing of SMD & Normal Transistor 
    Identification of Difference types of Coil 
    Working of Coil (Inductor) 
    Types of Coil
    Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept of Coil 
    Ok Testing of all types of Coil 
    Concept of SMD Mosfet 
    Working concept of 3 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin Mosfet
    Types of Mosfet
    What is Denoting letter and symbol of Mosfet
    Gate, Drain, Source pin Details
IC / Chip 
    Working Concept of IC/Chip 
    Identification of Difference Types of IC 
    IC ok Testing on board 
    Diffrent IC Value on motherboard 
    Difference Types of Transformer 
    Working of Transformer 
    Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Transformer
    Testing Concept of Transformer 
    Working Concept of Crystal
    Rtc Crystal
    Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept 
    Testing of Crystal by Multimeter and CRO Machine
    What is Fuse and fuse work? 
    Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Fuse. 
    Testing and Repair Concept of Fuse 
    Types of Difference Thermistor 
    Working of Thermistor on board 
    Testing Concept of Thermistor
    NTC , PTC Thermistor 


Level 2

(Normal, Android)

Hardware with chip level

Fundamental of mobile, Mobile Generation, Block diagram of a mobile phone, Mobile parts in details, Assemble and De assemble of mobile phone, Checking the Basic component of mobile phone and its fault, Technique of soldering and using SMD rework station, Water damage and washing of mobile phone, Introduction of SMD component, Testing of SMD component, BGA IC reballing and installing, Type of Mobile Circuit, Use of various tool & instrument used in mobile phone repairing 
Circuit tracing , Soldering and de-soldering different component’s removing 
Jumping techniques and solutions, Circuit tracing of different section of mobile phone


 a)Charging Section

b)Network /wifi section
c)Keypad section
d)Display section
e)Speaker and Ringer section
f)Blue Tooth section
g)Infra red section
h)Back Light section
i)Mic section
j)USB section
k)SIM Section
l)Data Section
m)Tpuch screen section and type of touch
n)Flash light section
o)Camera section
p)Memory section
q)GPS section Different Models and Smart Phone difference, Shorting check and technique to remove, Hot and cold testing, Voltage tracing, Jumper and its technique 
Circuit diagram of network section, Details in antenna switch, Details of Pasection /data sheet of PA IC, Signal receiving process, Type of Filter Circuit, Signal transmitter Process

Circuit diagram of charging section, How to work Fuse, Coil, Protected zener and charging IC, Solve charger not support circuit diagram, How to solve charging a mobile without charging ic
Fundamental of Keypad IC, Keypad diagram, Single keypad IC and dual keypad IC and its work
e)Fault finding regarding keypad section

Details of Display IC, Fault finding in Display section, Repair in white or blue Display problem, Fundamental of Display, Working with Black & White Display and Colour Display
Basic working of Ringer & Speaker, How to work with Multi Speaker and Ringer, Head Set Solution, Ringer IC jumper, Repair China Ringer Section
Sim ic jumper, sim socket voltage detail, how to work dual sim, How to check sim ic problem or cpu/upp ic problem
mic checking procedure, how to work without mic ic, leakage mic capacitor, how to work 4pin/6pin,mic or jumper 2pin mic
how to work boosting coil, checking procedure series/parallel connection in l.e.d. light, how to work without light ic
Flash, RAM,ROM Section, how to work flash ic, detail in china mobile flash ic and different type flash ic
Camera ,L.C.D, Bluetooth ,Network ,Sound problem solution

Chip Level

a)Use of Iron & different types of iron
b) Components and display jumper
c)Use od SMD machine
d)IC Reballing
e)how to remove pin IC
f)How to remove Ball IC
g)How to remove Mount Ball IC
h)How to remove pasted ball IC
i)How to make track in PCB
j)How to use DC power supply
k)How to use Screen separator machine

Display Repair

Remove broken glass through separator
Remove combo from frame
Remove glur from LCD
How to use back light

Troubleshooting through Mobile phone Diagrams

Different Section in Mobile phone - PFO section, RF section, Baseband section, Study of Block diagram and PCB pictorial, Tracing and troubleshooting through circuit diagram, Fake charging solution ,Charging ok but Battery not charging, Touch change procedure 
Procedure of changing any China touch with any China phone without any version

Level 3


Introduction of  Mobile Software Technology, Different Flasher, Boxes & application, Type of Mobile OS, Different type of Mobile Flashing Method
Type of mobile flasher & Tools
Mobile Flashing 
Different Mobile unlocking procedure 
Unlocking of handsets
How to reset all mobile & IPhone soft reset/ Hard reset/ Factory reset
Types of Flashing Mode / Flash File Downloading Method
All Mobile Drivers Installation Method Auto Setup Installation And Manually Drivers Installation (QUALCOMM, MTK, SAMSUNG, NOKIA, SPD, MSTAR, ADB, FASTBOOT, EDL, ETC.)

How to Use original Tools, Tools And Flashing error ,Dead boot repair , Mobile root, Type of Mobile Mode, Custom Rom Installation 
IMEI repair/rebuild (not changing) of all Mobile Version Upgrading 
All mobile FRP/ Google Account removing

Miracle Box 
UMT Pro Dongle


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