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Eligibility:12th or Graduate
Last date of admission: Admission going on 
Batch Start date: Dec 2019
Job Assistance:Yes 
( Before going to final placement student will get external industrial training with stipend(Minimum of rs. 25k to 30k )

Hostel facility available for outside students
Payment mode : Installment facility are available only for normal track, for Fast and Super fast track single time payment at the   time of admission.

Module - I - Hardware

Introduction To Personal Computer

History of Computer, Analog Digital and Hybrid Computer, Introduction to the Number System (Binary, Decimal, Hexa Decimal, Octal), Personal Computer Components etc.

Processor types and their features

Different Processor Sockets like Card Processor, PGA Socket, LGA Socket, BGA Socket, FCLGA Socket, Pin description of different processors, Processor generation identification, Generation wise different processor sockets, Difference between Intel and AMD based processor, What is Core and threads in processor, What is Multi threaded processor, Processor over clocking feature, Processor base frequency and Turbo frequency, Cache memory in processor, Introduction to the 

Use and Configure BIOS and UEFI

What is Bios, Different Types of BIOS Companies, Different features in BIOS, What is POST Process, What is CMOS, Introduction to the firmware, Different types of BIOS like Legacy and UEFI, Difference between Lagacy and UEFI BIOS.

Motherboard Components

Motherboard or Main Circuit Board Consist of Which Components, What is processor, Types of Processor, PGA LGA BGA FCLGA Concept, Ram Section and Types of RAM, What is Input output slot or Expansion Slot, What type of Power Connector used in the computer, Motherboard front and back panel, Different Chips in Motherboard like North Bridge, South bridge, Super I O Chip etc. 

RAM types and their features

Different types of RAM and their generations, Ram Pin number, Ram Voltage, Ram Notches, What is FSB in RAM, Different types of memory modules RIMM, DIMM, SIMM, SO DIMM, What is parity, Types of parity, ECC memory and NON ECC memory, Buffered RAM and Un-buffered RAM, What is Dual Channel and Single Channel Concept in RAM, Ganged Mode and Un-ganged Mode, What is primary memory and Secondary memory, What is Cache memory, Types of Cache memory in Computer, Internal Cache memory and External Cache memory.

Install and configure PC expansion

Different types of Expansion slots, Motherboard BUS architecture, Different types of Slots and their identification like ISA EISA VESA AGP, PCI, PCI-E, CNR, AMR etc, What is BUS, Types of BUSES used in the Computer, What is Data Bus, Address Bus, Control Bus, Signal Bus, Different types of PCI-E Expansion cards.

Install and configure storage devices

Concept of Secondary memory or offline Memory, Different types of storage devices used in the Computer like Pata, Sata, SCSI hard drives, Concept of file systems Fat-16 FAT-32, EXFAT, NTFS. Concept of other file systems like HPFS, EXT2 EXT3, EXT4. Latest Windows File Systems like REFS. Concept of Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk and their differences, GPT and MBR concept and practical implementation, What is Primary partition what is extended partition, What are the logical drives, Disk management utility from windows, Diskpart utility in CMD, Different types of Hard drive controllers like ATA/AHCI. GPT MBR conversion through third party softwares, Concept of SSD. Install various types of CPUs and cooling methodsThermal Cooling technology, Liquid Cooling Methods, Laptop Cooling process.

 Power supply

Power Supply types Linear power Supply, Backup Power Supply,Uninterrupted power supply, Switching Power Supply, AT,ATX,BTX Power Connector and pin description, How to test a SMPS with or Without millimeter, SMPS connectors like Molex, Mini Molex, Berg. SMPS different output voltage and their description.

Install SOHO multifunction device , printers

Concept of different types of printers and their Installation Process, Printer driver installation, Troubleshoot basic printer problems, Various print technologies and imaging process, Printer maintenance. 

Outlook Web Client Configuration

Install and Configure MS-Outlook, What are port numbers used for outlook, Why we are going to configure outlook, Outlook configuration for gmail, Outlook mail backup and Restore, Outlook Configuration Backup. 

Operating System Installation & Configuration

Install and Configure operating systems like Windows 7,8,10. Installation of Linux Operating System (Ubuntu or Redhat), Configure Bit Locker Drive encryption feature, Configure Windows Recovery environment, Password reset disk, Migration of Operating Systems, Dual booting Triple booting concept and practical implementation, What is System reserved partition, How to extend or Shrink a particular partition, Change Drive letter, Hide a particular drive etc.

Driver Installation

Driver installation from motherboard DVD, Online Driver installation Process, Driver Installation through Driver pack Solution, Online Driver pack installation, Driver Installation through 3dpchip.

Windows Operating System Components

32 bit and 64 bit Architecture, Windows Aero style, User account control, System restore process, Windows ready boost feature, Windows easy transfer, Administrative tools, Disable windows 10 update program, Windows services, Software installation and uninstall process.

Uses of Third party utility softwares

Windows password breaking process through Active Password Changer, How to bypass a windows password through konboot, Password breaking through Ntpwd edit, Password breaking without third party softwares, Disk Duplication, Partition recovery, Data recovery process, Hard disk bad sector removal process, uses of Live CD, Data recovery through Live cd etc.


Assembling and Disassembling of Computer Components, Different Types of Expansion card installation (Lan Card,Sound Card,Graphics Card), front panel connection setup, BIOS configuration, Bios Password removal process, New hard drive installation, Attach new ram, Webcam installation process, Antivirus installation process etc.Assembling Assembling and Disassembling of Computer Components, Different Types of Expansion card installation (Lan Card,Sound Card,Graphics Card), front panel connection setup, BIOS configuration, Bios Password removal process, New hard drive installation, Attach new ram, Webcam installation process, Antivirus installation process etc

Trouble shooting

Blue screen problem.
Windows installation errors.Windows recovery
Virus detection and solution.
Driver errors for computer devices.
No display faults in laptop or desktop.
Dead condition solution.
Restarting problem in systems.
Solutions for Hanging of systems Date & time errors.
Sound problem.
Graphics problem
Smps not working.
Keyboard not working solution.
Problems related to Mouse Dvd faults.

Module - III - Electronics

    Working Concept of Resistor
    Types of Resistor
    Symbol, Unit, Denoting Letter of Resistor
    Resistor Color Coding Concept
    SMD Resistor Value
    How to test Resistor on motherboard
    What is Capacitor?
    Types of Capacitor.
    Symbol, unit & Denoting Letter of Capacitor
    Series and Parallel concept of Capacitor
    Inboard and outboard Capacitor Testing
    Working Concept of Diode
    How many types of Diode
    Denoting Letter and Symbol of Diode
    Bridge Rectifier Diode Concept
    Testing of all types of Diode on motherboard
    Concept of Transistor on motherboard
    Transistor Types
    What is Symbol and Denoting Letter?
    SMD and Normal Transistor Identification
    Onboard Testing of SMD & Normal Transistor
    Identification of Difference types of Coil
    Working of Coil (Inductor)
    Types of Coil
    Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept of Coil
    Ok Testing of all types of Coil
    Concept of SMD Mosfet
    Working concept of 3 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin Mosfet
    Types of Mosfet
    What is Denoting letter and symbol of Mosfet
    Gate, Drain, Source pin Details
IC / Chip
    Working Concept of IC/Chip
    Identification of Difference Types of IC
    IC ok Testing on board
    Diffrent IC Value on motherboard
    Difference Types of Transformer
    Working of Transformer
    Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Transformer
    Testing Concept of Transformer
    Working Concept of Crystal
    Rtc Crystal
    Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept
    Testing of Crystal by Multimeter and CRO Machine
    What is Fuse and fuse work?
    Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Fuse.
    Testing and Repair Concept of Fuse
    Types of Difference Thermistor
    Working of Thermistor on board
    Testing Concept of Thermistor
    NTC , PTC Thermistor

Project on elctronics

Module - V - Laptop motherboard, LCD, Adapter & Battery

Use of Soldering Iron, Micro Soldering Iron, Desoldering Pump, File, Twiser,  Hot Melt Gun

Circuit Tracing and Repairing of Motherboard.

Motherboard overview and Block Diagram of different Motherboard.

Different types of chipset and cpu identifications.

Identification and working of all types of chip, ports, socket, slots etc.

Working Concept of Motherboard. Concept of RESET, READY, CLOCK Signal.

VRM Circuit- Overview,Circuit details, Tracing, Hot Testing, Shorting Problem in VRM      Circuit, Troubleshooting, Internal Structure of VRM Chip, Volt Sense Circuit Concept,     VID Concept, Power good and enable concept.

RAM section: Identification of all Types of Desktop RAM, RAM Operating Voltages    and    FSB, RAM Supply Pin, All types of possible circuit of RAM Supply. Hot Testing.

Clock Generator Circuit: Identification of Clock Generator, Tracing,working, Use of       Frequency Counter or DSO to measure Clock frequency, Troubleshooting.

Bridge power Supply Circuit,South/North/PCH, Hot testing,Troubleshooting.

ROM Circuit: Identification of all Types of ROM, ROM Pin Details and Circuit        Tracing.Ic programing using programer, how to download or copy program.

RTC circuit, working, fault finding.

POWER ON SEQUENCE circuit, PS ON and Trigger Circuit.

LAN Circuit – Tracing, Supply, Troubleshooting.

Standby Circuit : Standby Mosfet , Circuit tracing.

PCI Slot: Voltage, Data and Signal Testing.

PS 2 Port Circuit: Pin Details of PS 2 Port, Supply Circuit, DATA and CLOCK Circuit.Troubleshooting.

VGA circuit, pin details, Troubleshooting. 

Sound Circuit: Tracing, Supply Circuit of Sound Chip,Troubleshooting.

SATA Port : Data Pin Tracing of Sata Port,Troubleshooting. 

USB Port Circuit: USB Port Supply Pin Tracing, Data Pin Tracing, Troubleshooting.

CRO Machine: Complete Operating of CRO for Voltage, Data and Signal Testing.

Diagnostic Card: LED Status , Coding Concept

How to Check CPU Socket by CPU Socket Tester.

Complete Troubleshooting of fault like dead, no display, hanging problem etc.

Laptop Hardware Concept.

Assembling and Diassembling of Laptop.

Identification of all parts of Laptop.

Identification and Function of all Ports and Socket of Laptop.

Circuit Tracing and Repairing of Laptop.

Volt in Circuit. Tracing and Troubleshooting.

VRM Circuit. Tracing and Troubleshooting, Other CPU voltages circuit,tracing,Troubleshooting. 

RAM section: Identification of all Types of Laptop RAM, RAM Operating Voltages and FSB, RAM Supply Pin, All types of possible circuit of RAM Supply. Hot Testing.

Step Down Circuit – 5 Volt and 3.3 Volt. Primary and Secondary Step down.

Battery Charging and Discharging Circuit. Tracing and Fault Finding.

Clock Generator Circuit: Identification of Clock Generator, Tracing,working, Use of Frequency Counter or DSO to measure Clock frequency, Troubleshooting.

Bridge power Supply Circuit,South/North/PCH, Hot testing,Troubleshooting.

ROM Circuit: Identification of all Types of ROM, ROM Pin Details and Circuit           Tracing.Ic programing using programer, how to download or copy program.

RTC circuit, working, fault finding.

POWER ON SEQUENCE circuit, PS ON and Trigger Circuit.

Display section: types of display, identifications, Fault finding.

Fan Controller Circuit.

USB pin out,Supply and  Circuit, tracing.

SATA pin out,Supply and  Circuit, tracing.

HDMI pin out,Supply and  Circuit, tracing.

LAN pin out,Supply and  Circuit, tracing.

AUDIO – Mike, Headphone and Internal Speaker Circuit Tracing.

E-Sata pin out,Supply and  Circuit, tracing.

CPU Thermal Circuit.

Graphics Chip Supply, Fault finding.

Schematic Diagram – Laptop Motherboard Circuit Tracing through Schematic Diagram.

Concept of PCH.

Keyboard and Touchpad Circuit.

VGA Port details.

Use of DC Supply Machine.

Concept of RESET.

Identification of all chip of laptop motherboard.

Common Faults of Laptop and Troubleshooting.

Different slot checker use.

BGA Machine Operation, Chip Reballing.

Schemetric Diagram  

   Based on Laptop motherboard



No display problem solution
  Dead motherboard problem solution
  Automatic Restarting error repairing
  Hanging problem of laptop 
  Charging & discharging faults of laptops
  Dim screen faults solution
  Automatic off problem
  Date and time error
  Blue screen
  Heating faults of laptop
  Fan not working faults of laptop
  Motherboard Shorting faults
  Leakage problem
  USB not working faults
  Hard disk not working
  Error from Webcam (camera)
  Wi-Fi not working problem
  Sound related faults solution
  Network related problem
  Laptop Touchpad not working
  Keyboard not working faults of laptop
  Bluetooth and card reader problem
  White screen faults of laptops
  Hinge repair of laptops

How to work on BGA machine for Chip Re-balling ( Graphic chip, Pch   chip, North bridge chip, South bridge chip)
How to create Bga ball using stencil ?
How to use BIOS programmer for reprogramming Laptop bios chip,   Desktop bios chip, Lcd, Led TV Bios chips.
How to use CRO Machine for checking all signal on motherboard like   reset signal, clock signal, bios signal and frequency?
How to use FCM for checking frequency of motherboard.A   frequency meter is an instrument that displays the frequency of a periodic electrical signal.
Use of DC Power Supply Machine for varrious voltage   checking of laptops and Desktop motherboard.
Use of Diagnostic card for faults checking with error code of   laptops and Desktop motherboard.
How to use CPU socket tester?
How to use ram slot tester?
How to use USB Tester ?
How to use EEPROM ?
For Laptop motherboard only ?
How to use IT ?
How to use PCIE tester?
How to check COM & PS2 port ?
How to use solder bath ?

Module - VI - Printer, Cartridge & Toner Refilling

Printer Overview
What is printer and it’s use?
How many types of Printers
Use of digital Multimeter
Basic electronic concept for printer logic card.

Repairing concept of Dot matrix Printer (DMP)
What is dot-matrix printer?
Dot Matrix Printer function.
Parts of dot matrix printer & how to identify ?
How to Assemble and dissemble of dot matrix printers
Working concept of all parts.
Faults of dot matrix part.
Solution of all faults of dot matrix printer
About dot matrix printer head working
About Printer Power Supply
How to do pin head refurbish
About dot matrix logic card & solution of card fault

Repairing concept of Inkjet and Desk Jet Printer

Desk Jet and Inkjet Printer function
How to assemble and dissemble inkjet printers
Parts of inkjet printers.
Inkjet Printer Parts Identification and printer troubleshooting
Inkjet printer software issue
Faults of inkjet and desk jet printers
Inkjet printers fault solutions.
Inkjet Printer power supply and solutions of faults.

LaserJet Printer Repairing and Solution
Function of Laser Printers.
Logic card block diagram concept of Laser printer.
Laser printer logic card faults and solutions.
LaserJet printers parts and Identification.
Common fault of laser jet printers.
Repairing solution of all types of faults
About laser Jet printers parts.
Introduction of PCB Concept and Control Unit.
About laser jet power unit and Lens assembly.
Faults of scanner, Copier.
How to repair faults of scanner and copier?

How to do toner refilling and troubleshooting of faults related to toners.
Use of different types of tonner in printers.
Cartridge Refilling for desk jet and inkjet printers
Use of different types of cartridge for printers.

After completion of each module internal industrial training are compulsory

(Additional Classes)

To be a successful chip level technician you need more than just a technical aspects, for that, we introduce a new LEVEL 5 name as : Additional Classes

In this module you will get

Digital Marketing concept for your own website or brand

Clear all doubts regarding theory and practical

Guidance for a successfully work as a technician

Dealing with customer and market price

Set up cost for your business


As well as teach our students various tips for repairing which are unknown to many technician, this will help you to develop yourself and make you a professional mobile phone repair technician.

Course Fee: Rs. 0.00
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