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Course Details:

Duration : 2 Months
Eligibilty : Basic Networking
Next Batch Start Date: 17.09.19
Last Date of Admission : 17.09.19

Introduction to CCTV installation
� CCTV Video signals (H 264, Mpeg 2)
� Cabling and connectors (CAT5, CAT6 & Coax)
� Crimping BNC, CAT5 & keystone connectors
� Video transmission (analogue to digital, megapixel cameras)
� Assembling a CCTV system Troubleshooting using CCTV tester
� Installing CCTV cameras with RG59 & CAT5
� Installing CCTV power supplies
� Using electrical tools
� Introduction to recording resolution, frames per second & lens sizes
� How to calculate field of view (Selecting the correct types of lens size, recording resolution and configuring frames per second)
� Digital CCTV storage and lighting (DVR storage calculator, Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV)
� PTZ camera concept
� Running cables for a CCTV system (CAT5 & coaxial)
� Installing passive and active balun for long CCTV cable run
� Running shotgun cable and use of cable pulling tips and techniques
� Installing junction boxes
� Remote access and mobile app viewing
� Local area networking and wider are network
� Assigning a local area IP address to a DVR and an IP camera
� Techniques used in assigning a unique local IP address to a DVR
� Private and public IP address
� Port forwarding for CCTV systems
� TCP and IP setting
� Domain name servers
� Mobile phone view for CCTV systems

After completion of module internal industrial training are compulsory

Course Fee: Rs. 0.00
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