Laptop chip level repairing training


Laptop Chip level Training with 100% Practical, Cover all Model
All Faculties are coming from Practical field so students are very much satisfied during the practical session,

This is possible only for our Respective Practical base Faculties.

With more and more people using laptop like HP, lenovo, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, the market for repairing these devices has grown a lot over the years. IOGT in its quest to be at the forefront of technology, has therefore started printer repair course in Kolkata. The training will cover repairs of all major brand.

Our training is divided into three parts:

Theory + Computer


Industrial Training

Who should attend?

Any one who wants to make a career in laptop/motherboard chip level repairs or wants to learn it as a hobby.

What is the benefit?

Getting job Under Indias leading laptop/motherboard chip level service center.

IOGT also provides placement to its all students please follow our Placement procedure in details

After the completion of course we sent students to the MNC and Others for their INDUSTRIAL TRAINING, on that they will get the stipend and aftet the completion of IT they will get the JOB same company. Starting a laptop/motherboard chip level Repair Business. When creating a business plan for your mother board repair business, you need to decide whether you are going to operate a physical repair shop or work from home. If you decide to work from home, you will need to build a website to generate leads. Operating your laptop/motherboard chip level repair business from home is an economical way to get started. But, having a storefront adds an increased perception of viability to your business, and allows the freedom to build more sales with walk-in clients. You want your services to stand out from what any amateur can do, and an important part of that is to secure a high quality supplier. If you dont feel comfortable teaching yourself, IOGT offer training classes on repairing laptop. An even easier way to get in to the business is to buy an existing laptop/motherboard chip level repair business opportunity. You can do this by either buying a single business from someone who started it, or buying a franchise. Purchasing an existing business saves you the trouble of setting up the infrastructure, hiring employees, buying supplies, and establishing a customer base. This way, you can focus solely on growing the business rather than struggling with headaches of a start-up. Getting financing will be easier as well, because the business will have an established track record. You will also be naturally eliminating one of your possible future competitors. Starting or purchasing a laptop repair shop is a great new business opportunity. The competition in this market right now is almost nonexistent. This means you will be able to establish yourself first in your market, which gives you an overwhelming advantage over any future competition. laptop/motherboard chip level repair is a great opportunity to start a business that fills a need in the community, a need that will not be diminishing any time soon.


Laptop chip level repairing training Laptop chip level repairing training Laptop chip level repairing training
Laptop chip level repairing training